10" x 8" x 24" .75 Mil Poly Bakery Bread Bags - Case of 500


Sale price$50.99


Large 10"x8"x24" High Clarity Gusseted .75 Mil Plastic Bakery Bread Bags are wholesale priced and serve many purposes for bakeries and numerous other food industry businesses. These 1 Mil 10x24 High Clarity Plastic Bread Bags are made from high quality LDPE film. Are you the corner baker that helps the day get started or the industrial sized bakery that keeps the industry going? Whoever you are, why risk your reputation and bottom line with below standard low clarity plastic bags? Buy just a single case at wholesale pricing or purchase at bulk bread bag prices and get an even better price. 10x24 1Mil Bread Bags are made from 100% Virgin resin LDPE. All of our 10x20 High clarity 1Mil bread bags meet all FDA and USDA standards, and are packaged 1,000 to a case.


Wholesale .75Mil 10x8x24 Plastic HIGH Clarity Gusseted Bread Bags

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